Hi angel, I want to surprise the Mrs with something hot for our 2 year anniversary. I've quickly realized its really hard to choose something for her and I feel weird looking in the shops. What should I get? I keep second guessing myself. I just want her to be happy and feel comfortable. Ever since we've had our kids shes been really self conscious and I just want her to feel good and comfortable in font of me again. Where do I start? -Lost anon

Hi lost anon, thank you for your question. I actually get quite a few men asking me the same thing. So you are not alone. It can be hard shopping for a loved one at the best of times and naturally we do put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves wanting to pick out the prefect gift. The first thing I recommend you do is to just simply stop and breathe. Calm your mind and have confidence in yourself. You know her in the most intimate way so you will already have a rough understanding of what she likes in the bedroom. A good place to start is to sneak a cheeky peak at her intimates. This can give you not only an incite on what cut she is confident in wearing but also her sizing which can be the trickiest part. If she is struggling with insecurity's within herself maybe try to think back to the type of intimates she was wearing before she had a child or the type of style she would chose when she would surprise you or dress up for you in the past. As this is her as a woman and not as a mother. Try to bring her back to the sex you were having before you had kids, before the daily routines, when you were both full of energy, lust and confidence. 

Build romantic anticipation. If you are planning a highly sexually driven romantic evening always prime in advance. The week before your anniversary start dropping subtle hints, buy her a rose for example, compliment her, tease her, just build up her libido, confidence and excitement as much as possible. If she is struggling with her weight perhaps a baby doll set or a corset set might be the best option as they flatter and cover the midriff and accentuate the breasts. When making your choice it is also a good idea to think about what colors, textures or patterns she wears or consider which one would flatter her hair and complexion the most.

Buying your lover lingerie probably seemed simple at first but it can feel very daunting and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and slightly perplexed by all the different types and choices of lingerie out there. If you really cannot decide on what to buy her as long as you have her size, anything black or white are always a safe fallback as they are colors that suit every woman. Maybe try to avoid items that are risque or something that is a first for you both because if she is feeling self conscious, this may make her feel uncomfortable and she may not open herself up to you how you want her too.

At the end of the day in reality, she will genuinely love anything you chose for her as it is from you. She will appreciate the fact that you took the initiative to get her size, to make her feel special and to not only remember your anniversary but make it a passionate affair. I wish you the best of luck and happy anniversary!



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