Help! I want to strip tease for my man but I don't know how and when I practice in the mirror it just looks embarrassing! I'm really starting to feel awkward about doing it but I don't want to not do it you know, how do I go about it?- anon

Hi anon, whilst the prospect of slowly removing your clothes in a sensual and appealing way may seem quite daunting and an little bit awkward at first it can be a wonderfully empowering and invigorating experience. It creates a lustful distance between you both that is often rushed through during foreplay and brings to light all the parts of you as a woman that can often be left unnoticed or unappreciated. It is always a good idea if your beginning to feel overwhelmed to take a step back. Admire yourself first. The key to pulling off a successful strip tease is self confidence. Forget the fact that you are doing this for him. You are loving yourself. Familiarize yourself with all your curves and assets. Caress up and down your body slowly and fluidly until you feel comfortable with yourself and your movements.
It is easy to overthink the scene and atmosphere you are envisioning. My advice. Go simple. There's no need to rearrange your furniture or create a perfectly choreographed performance. Your lover won't notice these things. He will just want you to enjoy it as much as much he is. Work your furniture into the striptease. Utilize the chairs, tables, walls, bed (depending on the room you choose). If you want him to be seated or laying down a good way to start off could be for example grabbing his hand and leading him to where you want him. Stand in front of him and place your hands at the base of his neck whilst looking him in the eyes. With a cheeky grin, go in to kiss him but then pull away. Snake down his body slowly and as you make your way back up push him down. Something like this will set the mood perfectly and definitely grab his attention. Don't be afraid to flaunt that sassy, sexy and playful nature because that is what it's all about. A slap away of his hand, cheeky firm squeeze of his upper thigh next to his member or a lick up his neck will show him that your in control now and mean business. So don't be afraid to dominate. He is playing by your rules now.
When it comes to picking a song try not to pick one from a random recommended playlist but a song that means something to you both or a song that simply speaks to you and your body. Something you are comfortable with. Know the song well so you are familiar with the highs and lows as you will want to play on all the song cues. A strip tease can go for as long or as short as you want it to. If you are wanting to draw it out just simply pace your way through it. Incorporate a cheeky lap dance into the tease, straddle him whilst rolling and grinding your body against his. Coax him into unclasping your bra or place your leg on his shoulder or between his legs and get him to remove your thigh high stocking with his teeth. Encourage him to engage throughout but don't let him have you until your ready to give him your body. Just go with the flow. 
Whilst eye contact can draw him in you can also use it to achieve the distance you desire. Choose when you look at him and when you don't. Its all about sharing an intimate moment. It's your moment. You are letting him in, stripping yourself back to reveal who you are. Don't be afraid to mess up your hair. Let it fall across your face, flick and tease. The messier the better. It will just accentuate your wild and free nature. If you are planning on wearing a top try to pick something skin tight and remove it slowly whilst adding a little "tightened" wiggle up past the breasts as this can give the illusion that your breasts are fuller than they are. Also choose a top that you can pull over your head that way your breasts will have a perfect bounce and plumpness as you remove it. When removing your bottoms it's best to do it from behind. Bend over in front of him, arch your back and wiggle them slowly down past your hips letting them slip to floor. You are putting on a show for him after all so you want your assets to be front row and center.
If you are doubting at anytime that your partner is not enjoying himself just simply ask. Whisper in his ear sensually and say do you like it? There's no harm in receiving feedback however I highly doubt he will have anything negative to say because he will be feeling like the luckiest man on earth. If you do begin to start feeling uncomfortable during the striptease, just remember that this is your first time and there will be mistakes and nerves. So when that happens just giggle about it and move on. To him this just adds to your charm. Whilst you may think you look silly he will not be sharing the same views. So don't take it all too seriously. Your flirty quirkiness is an asset. It makes you, you.
Every relationship is different and we all have our individual quirks and kinks so just trust in what you know will arouse your lover and what you feel comfortable in doing. I hope that my advice has helped with your question. Good luck! If you have any further questions don't be afraid to ask. 
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